What Is a Termite Barrier?

If you just found out that there’s a big termite nest in your home, it might be too late already. Since infestation is discreet, termite colonies tend to grow exponentially, especially if the right conditions of heat, humidity and wood availability are well met.

This is why getting yourself a termite barrier is an excellent way to protect your home. With the right knowledge, you can prevent infestations from even happening long before it becomes too late.
You might be hearing the term for the first time, but what is a termite barrier? It is an addition to your home or property that specifically makes sure to deter all attacks from wood-eating insects.

Such a protection may exist in two forms—physical and chemical barriers. Both have their own advantages and importance in the battle against the most persistent pest in Australia.

Physical barriers are layers of protection set up below the slab of a home or building. These guards are put in place before the construction period to prevent any type of invasion from happening. Since the home is technically indirectly laid on soil, there is very little to no chance for any pest attacks to happen.

What people do is get these thin sheets and they are overlapped and sealed together with the slab. Once they’re sealed, they’re further taped with duct tape to fully protect the property. This is ways to use this protective material, be it to stick it around the immediate perimeter of your slab or right beneath it, depending on your needs.

Chemical barriers work differently. What this does is have a substance poured or sprayed on your property, specifically on the soil around the perimeter of your locale or under/around the perimeter of your concrete flooring.

This type of termite barrier is perfect for homeowners and businesses who have already constructed their property but would want to add last minute protection. Since many other barriers require to be installed before or during the construction phase of your property, this serves as a perfect add-on if you have finished the work for your home as it can be added any time.

There are different types of chemical barriers depending on the situation. Some are to simply deter any infestation in your home, whilst others are designed to straight off kill termite colonies, albeit with a weaker ability to deter it.