Cleaning your rug and mattress at least once a year is important. Mites find these two an ideal place for breeding. People shed skin every so often and these dead skin cells are left on the rug and mattress. Mites feed on these dead skin cells and that is why rug and mattress cleaning is a must for every household. Companies that specialize in the cleaning of rug and mattress can remove all types of stains. Rugs that come from different countries have different cleaning requirements- whether it is Persian rug, Oriental rug, Indian rug, among others. Rug and mattress cleaning companies have trained cleaners who know how to handle your prized possession.

rugsMattress cleaning

Companies use a special formula that would effectively kill mites and their eggs. These mites cause a lot of illness that include runny nose, sinusitis, and coughing. Rug and mattress cleaners do more than just vacuuming but they apply an organic and chemical-free formula to the mattress so as to go deeper into the mattress and remove the mites and eggs. Rug and mattress cleaning companies will leave your mattress clean and mite-free.

Rug cleaning

The procedure for rug and carpet cleaning takes seven steps in order to achieve the thorough kind of clean that would kill mites, eggs, remove odor and stains.

1)     Rug and mattress cleaning companies would inspect the rug and decide as to what kind of cleaning procedure is needed, depending on the type of rug and the severity of dirt.

2)     Then they use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and other debris.


3)     They apply shampoo to loosen all the deep-seated dirt. Stains are also removed from shampooing.

4)     The next procedure in rug and mattress cleaning is steam cleaning. Through this procedure, the heat can loosen up all the hardened dirt at the very bottom of the rug.

5)     Then they apply an environment-friendly deodorizer to neutralize and bring back the natural ph level of the rug.

6)     Then they rake the rug to smoothen it and make it look like a brand new rug.

7)     Lastly, the rug is sprayed with a protector to prevent it from attracting dirt and dust and to make the rug more durable.

Keep your home free from illnesses that come from dust and mites. Avail the services of rug and mattress cleaning companies and allow them to take care of the health of your home.