Common Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaners

If you need carpet cleaning services, you would not want to take the risk of hiring the wrong carpet cleaners. There are too many misconceptions about these service providers and to help you bust some of them, we listed some truths for you:

The only reason why cleaning is required is to remove dirt

You know for a fact that outdoor air contains bacteria, fungus, pollens, cigarette smoke and a lot of other chemicals. When your family members get in your home, they carry those chemicals, bacteria and pollen on your skin, shoes and clothing and in your hair.

These pollens will all wind up and end in your carpets. If you have asthma, emphysema, allergies or other breathing issues, expect that these pollens, chemicals and fungus could be the major source of your health problems.

You need carpet cleaners not just for the purpose of removing dust and stains but for hygienic reasons as well. They are capable of removing not just dust and stains that are visible but also those that your naked eyes cannot see.

They only need equipment to perform the cleaning right

Yes, they need all the right tools and equipment to perform the job right. However, they should be trained on how to operate them and they need to be fully equipped with knowledge and information on how to do the cleaning right.

It is not all about the equipment; it is more about the people who are operating the machine and applying the cleaning solutions.

They can provide you accurate assessment over the telephone

They need to assess and check on the issue of the carpet personally before they can give you an accurate quotation. There are many variables in assessing— amount of soil in carpet, size, fabric and the like. Some factors cannot be assessed without checking them in person.

You should wait when your carpet gets dirty before calling them

Carpet cleaning should be performed on a regular basis. When the carpeting is left dirty, expect that it will easily wear out, requiring you to replace it sooner.

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