Tools You Need for a DIY Carpet Removal

Carpet removal is an important task for improving the looks and maintain the cleanliness of your home. After years of usage, most carpets sustain damage. Even a tiny tear or cut on the carpeted floors can be a source of concern. Through this tiny opening, dirt and debris can build up, causing bacteria to thrive.

If not fixed immediately, these tiny strips can also lead to pest infestation. Hence, home and property owners who have carpeted flooring in their properties should regularly perform maintenance services such as carpet removal.

Tools for DIY Carpet Removal

Can you perform carpet removal yourself? Of course, you can. Just make sure you use these tools for a smooth and efficient completion of your task:

Leather gloves – You will be using or removing sharp objects such as knives and tacks. To prevent your hands from wounds and piercing, you need to use safety gloves for protection.

Dust mask – Even professionals are prone to inhaling dangerous substances and microbes such as moulds. Some also have dust and debris allergies. For your health, you need to use mask whilst working on carpets.

Knee pads – Chances are, you will often be kneeling whilst removing the carpet. Thus, you need to cover your knees with safety pads to prevent scratches, bruises and other injuries. These materials can also make you feel comfortable whilst doing this task.

Utility knife – Whilst using specialised knives for stripping is preferred, you can use utility knives as alternatives. Make sure you use a model with sharp blades and overall safety features for speedy yet safe cutting.

Pry bar or claw hammer – You need to pull up tack strips that fasten the carpets on the floor. Professionals prefer to use specialised pry bars that for tacks for easy manoeuvring.

Although carpet removal can be satisfying for DIY enthusiasts, it is tedious and time-consuming as well as potentially harmful to your health. It is recommended hiring carpet removal to perform this task quickly and efficiently.