Even if you vacuum your carpet every single day, it is still not enough to remove tough stains and kill mites and their eggs that cause various illnesses. You need to hire Arrows carpet cleaning services in order to keep your home or your office totally clean. If you do so, you can prolong the life of your carpet because the carpet cleaning services will target the deep-seated dirt that daily vacuuming cannot remove. These dirt and mites can damage the fabrics of your carpet and the only way to target these destructive elements is by deep-cleaning.

Hot water extraction

Carpet makers recommend the use of hot water extraction at least once a year in order to target the deep-seated dirt, mites, and eggs. Hot water extraction is also referred to as steam cleaning. Though you can do-it-yourself, the Arrows carpet cleaning services can do the job better because they have trained personnel who know how to maintain the cleanliness and the appearance of your carpet. We specialize in carpet cleaning with the use a high-powered steam cleaner in order to thoroughly remove all the dirt that have accumulated for months on your carpet.

If you hire our carpet cleaning services, we would check the current condition of your carpet and analyze the treatment to be used to remove stains. Then, we will assess the kind of solution to be applied depending on the severity of dirt. We will apply a solution on your carpet which will loosen-up the hardened dirt. This process will remove the stains that will not re-surface after few days, as in the case when you will just do-it-yourself. We know which chemicals work for a certain type of stain (dog stain, coffee stain, chocolate stain, etc).

Fresh water rinse is the next step in carpet cleaning services. We use a high-powered machine to effectively rinse the solutions applied on the carpet. Fresh water rinse will also remove all the soils and other debris that were loosened-up from steaming. If you hire us professional to clean your carpet, no residues will be left behind which can attract dirt to stick to the carpet. If you will do-it-yourself, you do not have a strong machine that is capable of rinsing well, thereby, causing dirt to cling on to the carpet.

Our carpet cleaning services use a drying process that will make your carpet dry and clean-smelling in less than three hours. We use a machine that is strong enough to remove all the excess water. If you will do-it-yourself, the drying process is longer which can cause the carpet to emit a foul smell.

Hiring Arrows carpet cleaning  has more advantages than do-it-yourself because of the appropriate solutions they apply and the equipments that they use to make your carpet cleaner and look like brand new again.